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Earth’s Touch Natural BeautyAmanda Miller

Earth’s Touch Natural Beauty, expertly hand crafted Natural Beauty Products for the whole family. Earth’s Touch Natural Beauty products are clean, using ingredients that are carefully selected to help you and your family’s skin in the most natural way possible. Offering customers, a unique line of medicinal products, everything from Salves, Creams, Shea Butters Based Soaps, Bug Repellent, Sunblock to Natural Makeup and more that will be sold at our local Tuesday Farmers’ Market!

Frost Pocket Farm-Alice Armen

A small farm in Montague center that specializes in small scale sustainable village farming. The farm includes a large vegetable and fruit garden, containing both common and unusual fruit varieties! Frost Pocket Farm has a small amount of farm animals including Dominique chickens and a rare heritage breed of goat, Saanen dairy goats. They also have honey bees, and will be selling their own honey at our Tuesday Farmers’ Market!

Healing ElementalsTaylor Haaf

Healing Elementals is Taylor Haaf—homemade products for healing body, mind, and spirit!  They will be featuring soothing skin treatments, tinctures, teas, and more at the Tuesday Market this season!

Just RootsAaron Drysdale and Alex Connors

The Greenfield Community Farm is a diverse (non-certified) organic farm and education center started in 2012 by Just Roots. Our mission is to increase access to healthy local food by connecting people, resources, land, and know-how. We are located in the northern part of Greenfield, MA, about 3.5 miles north of the city center. We produce vegetables, fruit and pasture-raised meat on town owned land, which we market through CSA shares, wholesale, and the Tuesday Farmers Market. We also have our own line of locally produced soups – Just Soup. In addition to producing healthy, local food, Just Roots offers farm apprenticeships for beginning farmers, subsidized farm shares for low-income folks, farm-to-school programming, farm field trips, community garden plots, educational workshops and more! For more info, go to justroots.org

Kettle of HawksAnnie Burdett

Annie Burdett is the creative force behind Kettle of Hawks Apothecary, based in Greenfield, MA, whose storefront clinic and shop is coming soon to Main Street!  An educator, healer, and herbal specialist, Annie carefully crafts powerful plant medicine designed to work in concert with your body to help you achieve optimal health.  She will have a wide variety of tinctures and remedies for sale at the Tuesday Market, and looks forward to seeing you for consultations at her practice across the street!

New England Wild EdiblesPaul Lagreze

If you are in the know about the wild mushroom scene in Western Mass, you’ve heard of Paul Lagreze–the man behind New England Wild Edibles.  We’re excited to have his presence, and his delicious fungi, at the Tuesday Market this year, along with his wild-sourcing expertise!

Taproot ThreadsCarol Michelfelder

A responsibly-sourced, American-made, hand-printed line of clothing that celebrates the natural world and our relationship to it, along with a reverence for slow food, Taproot Threads is the creation of Carol Michelfelder who is based right here in Greenfield, MA.  We look forward to featuring selections from her line of cotton clothing at our Tuesday Market.  Carol uses sweatshop-free garments, made in the USA, and environmentally-safe inks.

Thomas Farm ChèvreKathy Burek

A little farm with a large variety of products from vegetable starts, hanging plants, and flowers in spring to a full line of fresh native vegetables daily at their Sunderland farm stand. Thomas Farm always has fresh eggs and their own goat cheese. The goat cheese is primarily Chèvre, a soft cheese, made from the milk of Nubian goats which are the Jersey cow of the goat breeds.  (Think richer, creamier, fattier milk!) At the Tuesday Farmers Market, Thomas Farm will be mainly selling their fresh goat cheese varieties which include, plain, garlic/dill, horseradish, and chive!

Wild Rose FarmDanielle Smith

Flower farmer Danielle Smith will be joining us this summer to sell you her exquisite hand-crafted bouquets of locally-grown, lovingly tended flowers!  From her dinner plate dahlias to her dried bouquets, Danielle’s keen eye for color and naturally-inspired arrangements bring the glory of the field to your table with grace.  She currently grows in Hatfield and Easthampton MA, but feels a strong affinity for the hilltown landscape.

Winterberry FarmJill Horton-Lyons and Jim Lyons

Winterberry Farm is a small family owned farm, located in Colrain MA. They raise sheep, angora rabbits, goats, many kinds of poultry, and sometimes pigs. They teach small groups- kids, families and adults, inspiring people to regain the skills needed to provide food, clothing and shelter. The farm sells products from their livestock, and sometimes has livestock for sale. Winterberry Farm also has fiber ready to spin, from Angora, Raw Fleece, Natural Cover Roving, Dyed Fleece and Roving to felting kits available at our Tuesday Farmers’ Market!

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